Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions cover transactions such as mergers, full and partial demergers, transfers of business and share swaps, to mention but a few. Over the years, the firm has advised on numerous M&A transactions, each with their unique features, across a wide range of industries.

Tax matters

Tax law and its various aspects are a key component in the firm’s expertise, as tax issues come into play in nearly every aspect of business. Tax planning is crucial in order to determine potential risks and avoid improper conduct.



The firm advises on all contractual matters a business might face, including commercial and shareholder agreements. Clients are also represented in dispute resolution when a satisfactory outcome can no longer be reached through negotiation.

Corporate law

Corporate law governs all aspects of business and provides its legal framework. Legal consultation and advice is required throughout the lifecycle of an enterprise, from incorporation to dissolution or possible winding-up.